10 Points On Imran Khan’s Arrest

Imran Khan has rejected all cases against him as political victimisation. (FILE)

New Delhi:
Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was arrested this afternoon by paramiliray rangers while he was at the Islamabad High Court for the hearing of a corruption case. Visuals showed personnel in riot-control gear whisking him away in a van.

Here are the 10 latest developments in the case:

  1. Imran Khan, who travelled from Lahore to the federal capital Islamabad, was taken into custody when he appeared in the court in a corruption case

  2. The Islamabad police said he has been arrested in the Al-Qadir Trust case – one of over 100 cases registered against him.

  3. Fawad Chaudhry, the 70-year-old’s aide, said in a video message that the court premises was “attacked” by security forces who arrested Khan.

  4. Pakistan Minister Rana Sanaullah, however, tweeted that Imran Khan had failed to appear before the court despite being issued several notices. He was arrested for causing loss to the national treasury. No violence was done to him, he said.

  5. Shortly after Khan entered the gate of the Islamabad High Court, contingents of paramilitary forces and armourred personnel carriers entered after him, as per reports.

  6. The arrest comes a day after the powerful army had accused Khan of levelling baseless allegations against a senior army officer.

  7. The Qadir Trust case concerns allegations of a land allottment worth Rs 530 million to Al-Qadir Trust, owned by the PTI chairman Mr Khan and his wife.

  8. Imran Khan has been facing a number of cases since his ouster through a no trust vote in April last year. He has rejected all these cases as political victimisation by the ruling alliance.
    In most of the cases,

  9. Mr Khan faces being barred from holding public office if convicted, with a national election scheduled for November.

  10. Previous attempts to arrest him from his Lahore home resulted in heavy clashes between his supporters and law enforcement personnel.

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