4 Years After Divorce, Woman Demands Refund From Wedding Photographer

His tweet soon went viral. (Representational Image: Freepik)

A South African woman reached out to her wedding photographer four years after her big day with an unusual request. The woman demanded a refund citing divorce as the reason. A WhatsApp chat between the photographer and the woman is now going viral on the internet.

A photographer named Lance Romeo took to Twitter to share the screenshots of their conversation on WhatsApp. At first, the photographer thought it was a prank but he later realised that the woman was serious and assumed that she was ‘entitled to a refund’ because she is now divorced. However, the photographer refused her unusual request.

The caption read, “I swear my life is a movie. You can’t make this stuff up.”

In the screenshot, the woman says, “I don’t know if you still remember me. You did a photo shoot for me at my wedding in Durban in 2019.” She further wrote, “Well, I’m now divorced, and those pictures – I and my ex-husband don’t need them anymore. You did a wonderful job on them, but they went to waste as we are now divorced. I will need a refund of the amount we paid you because we don’t need them anymore.”

At first, the photographer thought she was just pulling off a prank on him. But later when he realised she was being serious, he respectfully declined. But the woman didn’t budge. She decided to involve lawyers so she could at least get a 70 per cent refund of the total fees.

The woman also requested to meet in person to discuss the issue but the photographer said no and told her to ask the lawyers to get in touch with him.

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His tweet soon went viral and has amassed over 38,000 likes on Twitter. In fact, the woman’s ex-husband contacted the photographer and apologised on the woman’s behalf. He said, “I read the articles. I apologise on her behalf.”

Many social media users dropped comments on the viral tweet. A user wrote, “There is noooooo way she is serious! The lawyer in me now wants to do a self-moot and see how I’d deal with it if she was my client… but again… I suspect she wouldn’t be able to pay my fees… or later ask for a refund after we lose.”

Another user commented, “It’s not a refund that’s needed here! Waiting for the part where she says it’s a prank.”

The third user wrote, “I love how professional you were with your answers. But it was a prank, right? Cause wow! This is so wild. I have a friend that got divorced even before her wedding pics came, and she didn’t even ask for a refund, ’cause that is just not how it works!”

The fourth commented, “Romeo. That has got to be the best story of the year you made my afternoon laughing at the audacity of this woman trying to sue you! That is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda story. I hope you continue to have many successful ventures with your photography. At least you are on the map.”

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