7 Tamil Nadu Medical Students Suspended After Video Shows Sex Harassment

CMC Vellore has asked the police to investigate the ragging incident


The Christian Medical College at Vellore has suspended seven senior medical students after an unverified video surfaced on social media suggesting ragging involving sexual harassment.

The college has sought a thorough police investigation and the police enquiry is underway.

A 1.52-minute video that NDTV couldn’t independently verify shows what appears to be men in their briefs doing push-ups on a lawn, while water is being sprayed on a few others from what looks like a hose.

A few students also appear to attempt to swim in a puddle. The visuals show two men hugging inappropriately, besides a man hitting and touching another man’s genitals.

A group of young men are seen rushing from one end to another. A text appearing over the video accuses senior students of forcing juniors to do these acts.

CMC Vellore authorities that NDTV spoke to said the video appears to be old. They said a committee that investigated it couldn’t identify the accused.

“We have suspended seven senior students for alleged ragging and have given a police complaint seeking a thorough investigation,” a CMC official said.

Confirming getting the complaint from the institution, S Rajesh Kannan, Superintendent of Police, Vellore told NDTV, “Enquiry is underway. We are verifying if the video is genuine or fake. The college has shared with us an anonymous complaint it received.”

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