A tale of courage: Madhav Sharan’s tryst with brain injury and a score of 93% in CBSE exam

NEW DELHI: Madhav Sharan was no different from other students from his age till August 2021. What made him different was a life changing and deplorable event after his CBSE Class 10 Board exam that year. This student from Amity International School in Pushp Vihar, Delhi, experienced a brain haemorrhage in August 2021, a devastating health condition, seldom experienced by youngsters of his age.It left him in a coma for ten days. Braving the life-threatening brain haemorrhage caused by an AVM (Arteriovenous Malformation), Madhav achieved a commendable 93% in the CBSE Class 12th Board exams, the result of which was declared on Monday. Despite nearly one-third of his brain being affected, resulting in impairments of vital functions such as speech, comprehension, arithmetic, and writing, Madhav’s academic achievement stands as a testament to his unwavering spirit, resilience and perseverance.
Several media houses have reported that Madhav’s initial condition was critical, with uncertainties surrounding his comprehension and responsiveness during the early stages of his recovery. He struggled with impaired speech and mobility, as well as the extensive medical interventions he underwent, including surgeries and radiation treatments.
Interviews by various news agencies and media houses reveal that Madhav had been brought into the hospital in a coma stage. During the first week, while he was in the intensive care unit battling for life, there was uncertainty regarding his understanding of commands, retention and comprehension. It was also noted that he had completely forgotten how to speak. In the ensuing weeks, the uncertainty loomed as medical professionals struggled to ascertain the extent of Madhav’s comprehension and responsiveness. Despite facing significant linguistic challenges and physical limitations, Madhav has shown gradual improvement over the past year.
Madhav returned to school in July 2022. This, according to his father Dilip Sharan, marked a significant milestone in his journey. Recognising his limitations, Madhav made the courageous decision to transition from science to arts. This, again, reflects his survival instinct. Well, it doesn’t need to be mentioned that adapting to one’s changing needs is a crucial for survival!
In the face of daunting challenges, Madhav demonstrated notable progress, slowly recovering mobility while battling against impaired speech and limb functionality. His journey towards swinging back to his previous life was arduous and gradual. Six months into the ordeal, Madhav cautiously began vocalizing, albeit with evident difficulty. Currently, he wishes to pursue Political Science for higher education.
Madhav’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the indomitable human spirit and the resilience that can emerge from adversity. Despite the ongoing challenges he faces, he remains focussed on his goals and is preparing for Delhi University’s entrance examinations, scheduled for later this week.
As Madhav continues his journey towards recovery and pursues his academic aspirations, his story has resonated with others, inspiring them to persevere in the face of adversity and pursue their dreams against all odds.

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