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Heartbreak: Love is the most beautiful feeling that can make everything seem brighter and shinier. When in love, we see the world with different eyes, and there’s immense joy in just being with the person we love. However, unfortunately, just as love is real, so is heartbreak and most people face them at some point in their lives. When a relationship ends – especially when we are not the one who initiated the breakup – it can feel like there’s no hope. But don’t fall into this trap! It might be difficult, and sometimes, very difficult, but moving on is totally possible. Here are some ways you can stop loving someone and move on. The outcome won’t be instantaneous, but hold on!

Accept the reality and make peace with it

While it’s true that optimism is a big strength, there are times when you need to be realistic and not cling to false hope. If a relationship is not working out, if your partner wants out or if there’s any other factor that makes it impossible to carry on, accept the truth. It can be scary but the truth as they say is also liberating. Once you have accepted your fate, you will be able to take that first step toward moving on.

Stop idealising your (ex) partner

The human brain is fascinating and at times, can function in inexplicable ways. Remember, memories can be selective. Immediately after a breakup, when you think of your partner, you will possibly remember all the great things about them. However, there was a reason why this relationship isn’t working and there must have been many unwanted and unpleasant experiences that you might have had. Remember those. You can even try jotting down why you are parting ways.  It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean you have to hate the person you once loved (or maybe still love), and wish them ill – but don’t put them on a pedestal and romanticise a situation where the reality is very different.

Prioritise other relationships and focus on ‘You’

Now is the best time to be a little self-absorbed! Put yourself first and think of your mental and physical well-being. It’s not an easy job, especially when the parting is not your choice or when you still harbour feelings for the person. But you have to try. Identify things that you enjoy and try to immerse yourself in those activities. When we are in a romantic relationship, we tend to ignore our other relationships, our friends and family. But set this right and seek comfort in your loved one. Share your troubles with people you can trust.

Accept that it’s going to take some time

Think of a broken leg or a fractured arm. Despite medication or surgery, you don’t become okay immediately and there’s physical pain for a long time, depending on the severity of your injury. Remember, that’s true for your broken heart too. Grief has its stages and you won’t heal from a broken romantic relationship overnight. And that’s okay. Be patient with yourself and give yourself the time to heal. One day, you will be surprised to realise that the sinking feeling in your gut is no longer there!

Approach a counsellor or a therapist

It’s always advisable to seek professional help. Again, just like when you approach a doctor for a physical injury, for an emotional hurt also, you need to go to an expert. The therapist will tell you tried and tested paths to deal with your emotions in a way that only a professional can help.

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(Disclaimer: The article is based on general information and is NOT a substitute for medical/expert advice. Zee News doesn’t confirm this.)

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