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NEW DELHI: Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari said China poses a significant long term challenge to India’s strategic goals.
“China poses a significant and long-term challenge to India’s strategic goals. Both People’s Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have enhanced their military capabilities in equipment and infrastructure. IAF needs to be rapidly modernised, expand its fleet and improve indigenous manufacturing capabilities,” the Air chief said at a seminar conducted by the Centre for Air Power Studies. Chaudhari said it should be made clear to the world that today’s India has the capability and the will to respond at a level that the nation deems appropriate.
The Air Chief Marshal said that China’s hegemonic and entrapping policies can provide opportunities for India to leverage in trade and military domains.
He also asserted that India has demonstrated its capabilities during a standoff on the northern border while simultaneously handling the national Covid-19 response.
“In future, we could be attacked from all fronts, starting from economic strangulation to diplomatic isolation and military stand-offs to information blackouts, in the form of attack by a distributed denial of services. We will need to prepare for the full spectrum,” the Air Chief Marshal cautioned.

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