Anupamaa actress Madalsa Sharma opens up on facing casting couch, says ‘get up and walk out of that door’! | Television News

New Delhi: Popular television actress Madalsa Sharma, best known for playing Kavya on superhit daily soap ‘Anupamaa’ opened up on facing casting couch in the industry. 

In an interview with ETimes, Madalsa Sharma said, “Being a girl or in today’s times, being a guy, both are equally scary. In any profession, be it an actress or a corporate firm, wherever you go, for a female, there are going to be men around you. Sometimes, you come across people who are probably a little more interested in things that you are not at all willing to offer as a person, as an actor, as an employee, it’s your choice. Good and bad things go hand in hand but at the end of the day, nobody can take away your choice from you. People can try to influence you but getting or not getting influenced are two drastically different things. Personally, whenever I have felt uncomfortable in anybody’s presence or during a meeting, what to do? Just get up and walk out of that door. Nobody’s going to stop me or close the door and not let me go anywhere. So, it’s always been my personal choice. I am here as an actor and all I am willing to do is – perform, and show across the world what I am made of, and how talented I am. As long as that goes across, that’s my job. Other than that, good or bad, bad or good, you should know how to deal with the situation. So, that’s what I have been doing all my life.

Madalsa also revealed whether she plans to be a part of the reality show Bigg Boss in future. “Yes, I have been approached for Bigg Boss in the past but whenever I have got that opportunity, somehow I have been involved in other commitments. Either my Hindi film or South film was at that time. So, it never clicked with Bigg Boss yet. But God knows in the future, I don’t know, maybe. These are things that are written in destiny. If it’s meant to be, it’ll happen sooner or later. And, why only Bigg Boss, there are so many amazing reality shows and I would love to be a part of a reality show as and when I can,” she quipped.

Madalsa Sharma made her debut in movies back in 2009 with ‘Fitting Master’, a Telugu venture. She has worked in Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil and Hindi movies in her decade long career. 

She is legendary actor Mithun Chakraborty’s daughter-in-law. Mahaakshay aka Mimoh tied the knot with Madalsa at the gorgeous locales of Ooty. The couple got married on July 10, 2018, in the presence of family and close friends.


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