Ball Passes Through Stumps But Batter Not Out. Fan’s “Pakistan Test” Reminder. Watch

Instances of the bails not falling despite the ball making contact with the stumps have been quite common in the world of cricket. However, the bails remaining intact despite the ball passing through the stumps is definitely something that is unheard of in the world of cricket. Having said that, during a tennis ball tournament in Surat, the ball passed through the stumps but it wasn’t enough to dislodge the bails. While the batter couldn’t believe his luck while the bowler was left scratching his head and arguing with the umpire.

A fan was quick to point out a similar incident that took place during an international match. During a Test match between Pakistan and South Africa in 1997, Mushtaq Ahmed’s delivery passed through the stumps but the bails didn’t fall on the ground.

The incident occured during the first innings of the third Test of the series at Faisalabad. Ahmed bowled a flipper to South Africa’s Pat Symcox, who missed the flight on the ball and was beaten all ends up.

However, Symcox went on to receive a surprising reprieve in the most bizarre manner as the ball passed between the off and middle stumps.

While the commentators didn’t notice the same at first glance, the incident caught their attention after watching the replays.

“Well that was a quicker one and Symcox making a little bit of room for himself,” the commentator was heard as saying on-air. 

“And I dare say he got a little edge onto his pad otherwise we would have had a very loud appeal,” he added

“That looked like a flipper, a real quicker one and it kept low, don’t know what happened there,” said former England batter Geoffrey Boycott.

This was before the commentators realised that the ball had gone through the stumps.

“It went through the stumps! I thought he was bowled myself, and then when he didn’t go, Henry said it must have hit the bat onto the pad, but it went straight through the stumps. Can you believe it? I’ve never seen that. I have never seen that before. I’ve seen a lot of cricket around the world, but there’s always something new you can learn,” he added.

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