Battling Mental Health, Meghan Markle Shares How Prince Harry Helped Her

Mental health: Meghan Markle emphasised the need to seek professional help. (File)

Meghan Markle, in the latest episode of her podcast Archetypes, shared how she battled mental health issues. Prince Harry, her husband, sought professional help for her when she was at her “worst point”, shared Ms Markle.

“I mean, I think at my worst point, being finally connected to someone that, you know, my husband had found a referral for me to call. And I called this woman,” the Duchess of Sussex said in the podcast, according to People magazine.

In the episode titled “The Decoding of Crazy”, released on Tuesday, Meghan Markle welcomed guests – actors Constance Wu and Deepika Padukone, and comedian-writer Jenny Slate.

The guests also shared their personal experiences of battling mental issues and delved into the importance of taking care of our minds.

During a conversation with Ms Padukone, Ms Markle revealed that it was her husband Harry who played a significant role in her taking the first step towards help.

The Duchess of Sussex said she called up a mental health professional and asked for help after introducing herself. “And she could hear the dire state that I was in,” she said.

She emphasised the need to seek professional help and said that one should not hesitate in asking for what is needed, the report added.

Meghan Markle told her listeners: “Raise your hand if you’ve ever been called crazy or hysterical, or what about nuts? Insane, out of your mind, completely irrational, OK? You get the point.” 

She added that if everyone was in the same room and could see each other, it would be pretty easy to see just how many of them had their hands up. “By the way, me too,” she added.

Meghan Markle launched Archetypes on August 23. In the previous three episodes, she welcomed Serena Williams, Mariah Carey, and Mindy Kaling to debunk stereotypes about women.

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