Bharti Airtel Signs Deal With Juniper Networks To Expand Broadband Network Coverage

Airtel signed a deal with Juniper Networks to expand broadband coverage

Juniper Networks on Wednesday announced that it has been selected by Bharti Airtel (Airtel) to deliver network upgrades for the expansion of Airtel’s nationwide broadband coverage across India.

Airtel has expanded its Fibre-to-the-Home broadband coverage to over 430 towns with plans of covering 30 million households in over 2,000 cities in the next three years.

“In support of this increased nationwide penetration into many previously underserved cities and markets, the latest network upgrades build on the strong long-term relationship between Airtel and Juniper Networks,” a Juniper Networks statement said.

As part of the deal, Juniper Networks will supply, install and provide support for upgrades to the MX Series routers and line cards as part of its broadband network gateway to manage their subscribers and services, as well as carrier-grade NAT (CGNAT) solutions to ensure secure encryption across the network respectively, it was stated.

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