Bigg Boss 15 Day 64 written updates: Shamita Shetty has ugly face-off with Abhijit Bichukale | Television News

New Delhi: Host Salman Khan schooled contestants harshly in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15 Weekend Ka Vaar. First, he addressed Karan Kundrra’s aggressive behaviour during tasks, especially with Pratik Sehajpal.

He also warned Karan’s good friend Umar Riaz about the latter’s aggressive fits. He took a dig at Umar and called him the ‘violent doctor’ on the show. 

Warning Umar, Salman stated that they don’t need violence to be a part of this show. He called the contestants on this season ‘brain-dead and ’emotionally weak’.


Back in the house, we saw contestants arguing over the previous sword task and what was the reason behind the violence outbreak during it.

On the stage, Salman Khan welcomed special guests Raftaar and Surbhi Jyoti to talk about their newly released song ‘Ghana Kasoota’.

Later, Raftaar and Surbhi enter the house and play a gol gappa task with the housemates. 

Rashami Desai called Shamita Shetty a liar, manipulator and angry during the task. On the other hand, Umar Riaz bashed Rakhi Sawant and as a response to this, Rakhi drops his gol gappa on the floor. 

Abhijit Bichukale criticised Shamita Shetty for her attitude and Shamita then dropped his gol gappa on the floor and stepped on it. Later, she apologised and picked up the crumbled gol gappa.

Pratik Sehajpal accused Umar Riaz and Karan Kundrra of being zero and inhuman. He said that the duo doesn’t have value for human emotions.

After Raftaar and Surbhi bid goodbye to the stage, actress Raveena Tandon enters with a bang to promote her OTT debut as a hill station cop in ‘Aranyak’.

Salman Khan and Raveena play a prank on Ritesh, Rakhi’s husband, by making him believe that his lover has contacted Bigg Boss 15. Raveena pretended to be Ritesh’s girlfriend which came as a jolt to Rakhi Sawant.

Later, we saw Rashami Desai asking Abhijit Bichukale to mind his language as she claimed that he had earlier compared Shamita Shetty to his shoe. Listening to this, Shamita Shetty got aggravated and started lashing out at Abhijit. This led to a huge fight of which we were only given a prelude. The fight will be unveiled in the Sunday Ka Vaar episode, it seems.

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