Bigg Boss 15 written update Day 19: Karan Kundrra, Tejasswi Prakash enter main house, Jay Bhanushali ruins Pratik Sehajpal’s task | Television News

New Delhi: Bigg Boss 15, which began on October 2, continues to witness ugliest arguments and fights among the housemates. On Thursday’s episode. Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash try to continue the task and make token despite the buzzer being played. Bigg Boss announces and asks them to stop. 

Tejasswi is upset at Jay Bhanushali

Nishant, being the Sanchalak of the task, checks all the token and announces all the jodis as unsuccessful. Tejasswi tells Shamita and Vishal that she is upset that Jay destroyed her token. She said that she had expected this out from Pratik and Nishant but not from Jay Bhanushali. Shamita shouts at Nishant for disqualifying token of all jodis. The two have a argument. Jay Bhanushali says he doesn’t want to sacrifice Rs 5 lakh money from the winning amount in exchange of getting inside the main house.

Bigg Boss announces round 2 of task for Rs 7 lakh

Jay Bhanushali destroys everyone’s task except for Karan Kundrra. Jay is adamant of not giving up Rs 5 lakh amount. Karan promises to Jay to Pay Rs 5 lakh to the person who is suffering. Karan and Tejasswi win the Round 2 and secure their enteries inside the main house. Bigg Boss announces that since Karan and Tejasswi have won the round, they are no longer a part of the task. Vishal accuses Nishant of being biased and says ‘he played only for Teja and Kundrra’. 

Bigg Boss announces Round 3 of task for Rs 8 lakh

Round 3 commences and Mieshan and Ieshan complete the task without disruption. Pratik goes next and Jay, who is his partner in the task, destroys all his papers. Vishal and Shamita perform next and complete the task. Pratik and Jay get into an argument for destroying the task. Jay ruins task for Simba and Akasa too. Nishant announces Shamita and Vishal as winners in Round 3. 

Pratik talks about Karan getting physical with him during the task. Pratik says Zeeshan was shown the door in Bigg Boss OTT for pushing him. He adds that Bigg Boss, however, did not say a word to Kundrra. 

Is Jay Bhanushali considering himself as Bigg Boss 15 winner?

Jay is seen telling himself that he is not ready to give up Rs 15-20 lakh from the prize money. He says he needs the trophy along with the entire Rs 50 lakh amount. 

Karan is seen discussing with Umar and Vishal that he did not get violent with Pratik. He said he only tackled Pratik as the latter was ruining his task. Umar teases Karan about WWE moves. 

Jay tells Shamita that he will not play for Rs 8 lakh to gain entry inside the main house. He tells her that he cannot afford to pay Rs 8 lakh. Late night, at around 2 am, Nishant goes to Pratik in the kitchen and starts crying, saying he wants to go back home. He enters the washroom and cries, which Karan Kundrra notices. Karan, later, goes to Nishant and asks him. Nishant raises his concern about Pratik and says ‘he is my friend’. He says he is getting emotional as housemates have been hating Pratik and cornering him too much. Karan, however, says he ruins the task. 

The next morning, Bigg Boss housemates wake up to ‘Cutie Pie’ song. Ieshaan and Umar discuss the task. Nishant says Jay is being unfair talking about money issue to Tejasswi. Karan discusses Umar about Afsana, who is his partner in the task. Karan says that Afsana is a wierd character but is very popular. Nishant tells Pratik to go ahead in the task and just make two. Pratik is still disappointed with Karan and says this to Akasa. 

Karan discusses about Jay with Samita and Vishal and they all call his stand ‘useless’. Miesha tells Simba that Nishant has only two priorities in the show – Pratik and Akasa. 

Karan discusses about himself to Tejasswi. He says he gets conscious when people stare at him. He also speaks about his anger issue, to which Tejasswi says that she will keep a watch on him ‘a little more’ from now on and help him control his anger from now on. 

Housemates, including Vishal and Tejasswi, tries to convince Jay to take part in the task or not ruin the task. However, it all goes in vain as Jay remains adamant on his stand. Shamita and Vishal talk about Jay and say he is being stupid. 

Karan and Pratik discuss the task and last night incident. Pratik says he has been affected since Karan pinned him to the ground. Akasa tells Karan that Nishant has agreed to help Pratik in this round. Karan says Pratik should not be stupid. Karan says that Nishant will face the brunt of the house and also, Pratik should be considerate of Nishant. 

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