Bigg Boss 16 Day 73 updates: Tina, Shalin, Shiv and Sajid get nominated for eviction this week | Television News

New Delhi: It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! The day begins with a Zumba class in the morning. The housemates get into a fight over who’s cooking food in the kitchen and captains ask them to tell Nimrit for food. Tina and Shalin’s tiff continue and they keep taunting each other. Housemates also get irked at Abdu’s behaviour and say he is getting rude.  

Bigg Boss then introduces a buzzer and says that of all the three captains, the one who will press it first when buzzed will get a special right. Soundarya presses the buzzer first and gets the special right. She is saved from nominations along with Sreejita De and Vikkas Manaktala. If any contestant gets targeted by three people then they will get nominated for eviction. Soundarya also has a special power to save three people from nominations. 

Shiv gets nominated first and is not saved by Soundarya. Priyanka is nominated by Shiv, Stan, Nimrit and Sumbul but Soundarya saves her using special power. Nimrit also gets nominated but is saved by Soundarya. Shalin, Sajid and Tina also get nominated but Soundarya doesn’t save them. Soundarya then saves Ankit when he gets nominated. Thus, Shiv, Shalin, Sajid and Tina get nominated for eviction this week. Contestants constantly get into arguments as they nominate each other.  

Shalin and Nimrit get into an argument when he says that your said bad things about Tina. He confronts Tina and says she instigated me against you. Tina leaves and they argue further. Priyanka also joins and asks Nimrit to stay away from her.  

Sreejita gets angry at MC Stan that he should not have said to Priyanka that I don’t want to talk to any such woman. MC Stan says I will show the public what’s right and wrong.  

Shalin talks to Tina and says Sumbul is a hypocrite, however, they again get into an argument and starting fighting. Shalin says I miss Tina. 

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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