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New Delhi: It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. In the morning, Archana and Priyanka fight over parathas. Priyanka starts crying after Archana shouts at her. This time, Tina presses the buzzer first and gets a special right for the day. 

Soon Bigg Boss announces a magic library task for the contestants in which the contestants were divided into teams of two. They have to make biscuits and, in every round, each contestant from the winning team will get a chance to visit the library. Team white wins first and Sajid goes to the magic library. Sreejita and Vikkas are the moderators of the game. 

Bigg Boss gives him three options – One is letter from home, second is captaincy for Soundarya and the third one is fans views. Sajid chooses captaincy for Soundarya as he had promised her.  

Team Black wins next and Nimrit goes to the library. She chooses letter from her home over Archana’s captaincy and thus, she is out of captaincy race from next week. Ankit goes next and he chooses captaincy for Abdu.  

Archana and Shalin get into a fight over who goes next. After a massive fight, ultimately teammates decide to send Shalin. Shalin chooses the letter from his house and gets emotional as he recognizes his father’s handwriting. However, Archana is still furious at him and Shiv gets out of the captaincy race. 

Bigg Boss announces the end of task. However, captain Tina has a special right to name one more contestant for captaincy from Vikkas and Sreejita and obviously, she chooses Vikkas.  

Archana gets into an argument with Vikkas. Meanwhile, Sajid tells Abdu that Nimrit has a boyfriend and he should not make any plans. Abdu says I know. Sajid confronts both of them together and tries to clear it out.  

Sajid then asks Nimrit to tell him straight that there is no chance between them. Abdu says I’m fine. Nimrit starts crying and covers her face in blanket. Sajid says whatever I’m doing today might seem a bit odd but it is good for both of you.  

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates! 

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