Bigg Boss 16 Day 82 updates: Ration task continues to provoke contestants’ reaction, Sreejita calls Tina ‘sadist’ | Television News

New Delhi: It’s a new day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates! Outsiders continue to come inside the house to read the letters from contestants’ family. In this game, the letters will be read and destroyed in front of them while contestants should not react. The housemates will lose a basket of ration for every three reactions or strikes and there are in total three such baskets. Meanwhile, Tina and Shalin get into an argument when she says he takes steroids. He says don’t say such things on national television, I don’t take steroids, its wrong. 

Sreejita says Tina is a sadist and focuses only on money. She says Tina is not even good to her best friend Aneri. She says Tina just wants attention from men.  

An outsider comes and reads the letter from Ankit’s family. He does not react. After that, Bigg Boss reads MC Stan’s letter himself and says his family wants to see him as winner. Bigg Boss then reads letter from Shiv’s house. He does not react and they get basket number 5.  

Letter from Soundarya’s house comes next. There are three strikes and they lose the ration. Now, there is only one basket and two letters- Priyanka and Archana’s. MC Stan says Priyanka’s letter will be read. Priyanka does not react as there are still three strikes. Archana is annoyed and breaks down as her letter has not been read. Bigg Boss then says that she has not given any strike and agrees to read her letter without any condition. She gets emotional as Bigg Boss reads the letter from her house. She says to Soundarya that I know how things work and I did not react in the game but these people don’t trust.  

Vikkas and Shalin get into an argument over who will share their ration with them for protein intake.  

Bigg Boss organises a fun task for men of the house. They will have to answer questions asked by Nimrit and the housemates will tell if they agree or not. MC Stan wins the game. Sumbul gets upset with Sajid when he says she is boring.  

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates. 

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