Bigg Boss 16 Day 85 written updates: Abdu re-enters the house, Bigg Boss scolds Vikkas for discussing Shiv’s game in Bigg Boss Marathi | Television News

New Delhi: It’s another day at Bigg Boss house and we are back with the updates. The episode begins with Priyanka and Ankit sharing an emotional moment as he is about to leave the house. Archana says it’s good that Ankit is leaving as it will be a new beginning for Priyanka. Everyone gets annoyed at Archana as she is celebrating Ankit’s exit. Later she hugs Priyanka and says now she is free. Meanwhile, MC Stan entertains his fellows with one of his rap songs. 

It’s morning and everyone dances on Bigg Boss anthem. Archana narrates the story of her ‘past life’ to Soundarya and says because of certain things that happened in her past life, she is not able to find love in her present life. Sajid tells Tina that she is a people pleaser and she has to change. Meanwhile, Vikkas and Sreejita get into an argument and yell at each other. 

It’s Christmas and Shekhar Suman comes to roast the contestants. He brings different cards for the contestants and reads them out loud. Everyone has a good laugh as he the house goes into a jolly mood. Priyanka gets emotional as Shekhar Suman plays Channa Mereya to remind her of Ankit. 

Vikkas talks to Archana about Shiv’s performance and game in Bigg Boss Marathi. He speaks at length about his behaviour and says he is trying to play with her. Archana then confronts Shiv regarding Bigg Boss Marathi. Bigg Boss calls everyone in the living area and questions Vikkas on the same. Bigg Boss then says that no one cares about this half-baked knowledge that Vikkas is giving. Sreejita tells Archana that I told you from the beginning that Vikkas is not good.  

Everyone’s favourite Abdu Rozik is back in the house. Housemates tell him that Ankit is gone. Nimrit and Sajid tell Abdu that we missed you the most when you were gone and you seem pissed with us.  

Bigg Boss announces special chicken and prawn dishes for women as they cook throughout the day. They all get happy. Sreejita tells Nimrit that she should not get upset at Abdu’s behaviour as he is trying to balance things out.  

That’s all for today, stay tuned for more updates!

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