Bigg Boss 16, Day 9 Updates: Sreejita calls Gauri ‘uncultured,’ MC Stan is hating the ‘groupism’! | Television News

New Delhi: Day 9 in the ‘Bigg Boss 16’ house starts positively as Sumbul clears the air with Stan and Shiv about yesterday’s argument. Archana praises Gautam’s decision of going against Shalin and also influences Sumbul to not do Shalin, Tina’s chores.

On the other hand, Archana and Soundarya get into an ugly fight and many abusive words get exchanged. Priyanka again jumps in between and Soundarya says that if Priyanka marries Ankit, his mom will cry for life.

Archana badmouths Soundarya and says, ‘pure Mumbai mein iska naam kharab hai…’ Gautam on the other hand, assigns new duties as a captain.

Shalin again flirts with Soundarya, Gautam gets pissed. The captain is very possessive about her and likes her a lot.

Here comes the fight! Gauri, out of nowhere just starts irritating the Kitchen staff Sreejita, Tina and Sumbul, when opposed, she starts screaming and uses vulgar sign language. Sumbul fights her, Gauri screams on the top of her voice. Sreejita and Tina call Gauri uncultured, Sree even comment on her education.

Stan takes a stand for his friend and the fight gets uglier. Stan calls its groupism and everyone gets pissed off. Priyanka again jumps in between without context but well, what’s new in that!

Sumbul cries, hugs Shalin and Stan calls it sympathy seeking, weakness. Bigg Boss, on the other hand, scold Gautam for the discriminatory language in the house, asks the captain to nominate four people. He nomintes Gauri, MC Stan, Tina and Sreejita. Tina is pissed as says, “mujhe koik nikal sakta yahan see, mere fans, meri army baithi hai bahar..”

Nominated people, except Shalin distribute the ration amongst all. Gauri takes extra and gets the tag of chor, will be punished by BB according to the captain. Gauri cries as she thinks she is been targeted. 

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