Billie Piper Back Injury Will Have No Impact On ‘I Hate Suzie’ Season Two – Deadline

I Hate Suzie star Billie Piper’s back injury will have no impact on filming of the BAFTA-winning show’s second season, as the incident took place during a post-filming promotional shoot.

I Hate Suzie network Sky and Piper’s reps have clarified that, contrary to earlier reports, the fall sustained during a Strictly Come Dancing-style scene happened after filming on season two, titled I Hate Suzie Too, had wrapped. The season will air later this year on Sky and U.S. co-producer HBO Max.

Piper, who stars as Suzy Pickles in the eight-parter and also created with Lucy Prebble, was taken to hospital late yesterday UK time after injuring her back during the promotional shoot.

The first season of I Hate Suzie from His Dark Materials producer Bad Wolf and Sky Studios was nominated for three BAFTAs including for Piper, Best Drama Series and co-star Leila Farzad.

The show follows Pickles, a former teenage pop star and TV actress whose phone is hacked, leading to the leaking of compromising photos. She struggles to keep her marriage together and protect her deaf son, while her manager attempts to keep her career afloat.

Succession scribe Prebble is writer, Georgi Banks-Davies and Anthony Neilson are directors and Prebble and Piper exec alongside Julie Gardner, Liz Lewin and Cameron Roach.

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