Cafe Amaretto Is The Ultimate Place To Satisfy All Your Italian Food Cravings

We can’t help but plan out all the delectable meals we want to eat over the weekend because the weekend is just around the corner. Every time we go out, whether it’s with friends or family, we always end up eating pizza or pasta. Undoubtedly, Indians love Italian food the best! If you’re wondering where to find the best Italian food in Delhi-NCR, we’ve got the answer for you right here. This restaurant is the ideal setting for catching up with friends and family while enjoying some delicious Italian food. Cafe Amaretto is a haven for people who love authentic Italian cuisine and is situated at South Point Mall on Golf Course Road.

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We began our tasting with roasted mushrooms with feta cheese and pepper. The mushroom filling was excellent, and the explosion of flavours caused the mushrooms to melt in your mouth. We had pan-fried prawns as our next appetiser. Anyone who enjoys seafood will find this dish to be a treat for the palate. Chicken shawarma was the last of the starters. Although the filling was not great, the bread was incredibly soft.

Following the starters, we enjoyed our favourite pizza. We sampled grilled chicken pizza. Crispy pizza crust topped with juicy chicken bits that have been expertly grilled. We simply adored it! We got cold coffee to go with the pizza. It was refreshing, and the coffee smelled great! With waffles topped with nutella, we finished the meal on a sweet note.


Next time you want to have authentic Italian, try this place and let us know how you all liked it in the comments below.

Place: Cafe Amaretto

Price For Two: INR 2000 (Approx)

Location: South Point Mall, Golf Course Road, Sector 53, Gurugram

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