Comedy Of Errors As Lucky Batter Survives Run Out. Twitter In Splits – Watch

Cricket is a funny game. Indeed! And that also plays a role in keeping the fans connected to the sport. While the thrill of closely-contested matches does play a crucial role in attracting the fans, it is the fun element in the game that gives them some moments of laughter. With the advent of social media, the fans can witness the funny incidents across international and domestic matches now. Now it has become easier to record any hilarious moment and share it on the platform for the masses.

A video of European Cricket Series has surfaced online in which the poor fielding performance of a bowler has left the netizens in splits.

In the video that is doing the rounds on social media, a right-arm medium-fast bowler delivers a poor fuller ball outside leg stump to a right-handed batter. The batter fails to take advantage of it and rather mishits the ball in air.

The bowler runs forward, gets underneath the ball only to drop the sitter eventually. To make it look poorer, he tried to run out the other batter with an underarm throw near the stumps at the striker’s end, but misses that as well.

The lucky batter, who survives the scare, raises both his hands in air in joy while taking his crease at their danger end.


Watch the video here:

Talking about the cricket world in detail, the 2022 T20 World Cup is currently underway in Australia. The Super 12 stage is over with Pakistan, New Zealand, India and England qualifying for the semi-finals.

New Zealand face Pakistan in the first semi-final on November 9, while India face England in the second semi-final on the next day.

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