Congestion: AAI asks Delhi airport operator DIAL details on service quality requirements

New Delhi: Amid congestion, state-owned AAI has asked Delhi airport operator DIAL to provide details on whether there has been any deficiency in providing services at the airport, according to an official.

The Airports Authority of India (AAI) has sought details about the status of services as per the Operation, Management and Development Agreement (OMDA) from DIAL, which is majority-owned by GMR group.

DIAL is the operator of the Indira Gandhi International Airport (DIAL), the country’s largest airport, and it is being operated under a Public Private Partnership.

In recent days, there have been rising passenger complaints about long waiting hours at the airport and the authorities are taking measures to address the issues.

Under the OMDA, which was inked back in 2006, the airport operator is required to comply with various service quality requirements.

On Wednesday, the AAI official said it has asked DIAL to give status of services as per standards under the OMDA and whether mitigation steps have been initiated to address deficiencies if any.

Against the backdrop of congestion at the airport, AAI has written a letter to DIAL seeking details about the service quality. The civil aviation ministry has also asked the airport operator to take various remedial measures to ease the congestion, the official said.

As per the OMDA, DIAL has to submit a compliance report on a quarterly basis to the AAI with respect to objective service quality requirements.

There was no immediate comment from DIAL.

In case the default continues beyond the stipulated period, then the airport operator is even liable to pay certain amount as “liquidated damages” subject to certain conditions, according to the OMDA.

The last report on the compliance of the objective service quality requirements as per the OMDA was submitted to AAI in October. This report was for July-September period.

Earlier in the day, Civil aviation minister Jyotiraditya Scindia Wednesday said all agencies have swung into action in the last 24-36 hours to mitigate congestion at all major airports.

“Congestion at entry points and check-in counters at T3 has eased. Four additional X-ray machines have been added at the Security Hold Area; display boards showing wait time have come up. Deployment of CISF manpower has already kick-started, and will progressively increase in the next few days,” he said.


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