Cops At Rahul Gandhi’s House Regarding His Remark On Sexual Assault Survivors

Delhi Police wants to know the details of those women from Rahul Gandhi.

New Delhi:

Top officers of the Delhi Police today reached Rahul Gandhi’s residence in connection with his “women are still being sexually assaulted” remark during the pan-India foot march ‘Bharat Jodo Yatra’. The police had issued a notice to the Congress leader on March 16 asking him for details of the women who had approached him regarding sexual harassment. 

Taking cognisance of social media posts, police had sent a questionnaire to Rahul Gandhi. Mr Gandhi is yet to respond to it.

Police said Rahul Gandhi gave a statement in Srinagar during the Bharat Jodo Yatra that “I have heard that women are still being sexually assaulted”.

Delhi Police wants to know the details of those women from Rahul Gandhi so that legal action can be taken.

Top police officials, along with a Special Commissioner of Police level officer, will try to talk to Mr Gandhi to obtain information about the concerned women.

Top Congress sources say there is no legal precedent to the notice being issued against Rahul Gandhi based either suo motu or on a complaint. The grand old party sees this as another tool of harassment deployed by the Delhi police. “There can be a statement, but they can’t compel him to reveal names of victims. The action is malicious and bogus,” they said.

Delhi Police sources say if he fails to give details, another notice will be served upon him.

“As it’s a sensitive case involving the life and security of individuals, the team is working to collect relevant information to ensure evidence and witnesses aren’t tampered with,” they said.

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