David Zaslav Talks DC “Reset” – Deadline

“We’re not going to launch a movie until it’s ready”

That was pretty much David Zaslav’s answer when asked about the recent scrapping of Batgirl during an investor Q&A on the Warner Bros Discovery Q2 call.

While he didn’t specifically address the details of the latest Batgirl imbroglio which greatly upset many talent reps in town, Zaslav emphasized his commitment to building a ten-year plan for DC ala what former Disney motion picture group Boss and Marvel President Kevin Feige have built.

“Our ambition to is bring Warners back and produce great high quality films,” he said.

“We can build a long-term sustainable growth business out of DC” Zaslav continued “we’re not releasing a film before it’s ready.”

“The focus is to make these films as good as possible,” the CEO added.

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