DGA & AMPTP Agree To Media Blackout As Contract Talks Begin – Deadline

The Directors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers have released a brief joint statement on the start of their contract talks, saying that they met on today “to begin formal negotiations for the 2023 Agreement. The DGA and AMPTP also agreed that neither organization will comment to the media.”

The negotiations began on the ninth day of the Writers Guild strike. The DGA hasn’t gone on strike since 1987, and then for only three hours and 15 minutes on the East Coast, and for 15 minutes on the West Coast before a deal was reached. The DGA’s current contract with the AMPTP expires on June 30.

Going into the negotiations, the DGA said that its priorities include:

  • Securing wage increases that address inflation.
  • Maintaining the strength and sustainability of our world-class pension and health care plans.
  • Negotiating meaningful increases and structural changes to streaming residual formulas that account for the global growth of the audience.
  • Protecting the role and vision of Directors.
  • Protecting our jurisdiction over projects produced abroad for U.S. audiences.
  • Improving safety on the set by expanding and encouraging training and addressing long workdays.
  • Increasing diversity, equity and inclusion and strengthening the voices of under-represented people.
  • Looking out for the full directorial team – the Assistant Directors, UPMs, Associate Directors and Stage Managers – who sustain every production with their hard work and professionalism.

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