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Disneyland’s Autopia Attraction Is Getting Electrified

Disneyland’s Autopia Attraction Is Getting Electrified


Disneyland is moving into the future with its Tomorrowland attraction, Autopia, and electrifying its vehicles.

The attraction opened with the park in 1955 and as alternative fuel sources have become more prevalent, Disneyland is changing with the times.

“Since opening with Disneyland park in 1955, Autopia has remained a guest-favorite most popular with young kids experiencing driving for the first time. As the industry moves toward alternative fuel sources, we have developed a roadmap to electrify this attraction and are evaluating technology that will enable us to convert from gas engines in the next few years,” DLR spokesperson Jessica Good said in a statement to Deadline.

This transition is part of the Disneyland Resort‘s (DLR) efforts toward net zero emissions by 2030.

DLR says they’ve exceeded the California Air Resources Board (CARB) zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) 2024 milestone by converting 14% of the affected fleet—exceeding the CARB 10% 2024 milestone and will continue to meet or exceed CARB milestones.

As DLR continues to make progress they have also continued to evaluate areas of opportunities across their operations and supply chains by prioritizing projects that meet multiple criteria including environmental outcome, ROI, and speed of implementation, to make sure the overall sustainability program continues to grow.

DLR claims that their efforts over the past year and a half have delivered over 10M kWh in energy savings.

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