Elon Musk Threatens To Sue Twitter Employees If They Leak Confidential Information: Report

Twitter is facing a growing number of cases

Twitter’s new boss, Elon Musk is not pleased about leaks. He has issued another ultimatum to Twitter employees and told them not to share confidential information with the press otherwise there will be legal consequences. Musk has demanded that the staffers sign a pledge indicating they’ve understood. 

According to Platformer’s report, Musk wrote to employees, “As evidenced by the many detailed leaks of confidential Twitter information, a few people at our company continue to act in a manner contrary to the company’s interests and in violation of their NDA.”

He added, “This will be said only once: If you clearly and deliberately violate the NDA that you signed when you joined, you accept liability to the full extent of the law & Twitter will immediately seek damages.”

The world’s wealthiest person in the email said that occasional slips ups could be forgiven, but “sending detailed info to the media … will receive the response it deserves.”

That’s not all, he also asked his employees to sign a pledge if they understood the directives and were given until 5 pm Saturday to respond.

Meanwhile, Twitter is facing a growing number of cases over the terms of those terminations — and even a complaint that Elon Musk has illegally converted office space into bedrooms so that workers can sleep on site.

“It’s very concerning that the richest man in the world thinks that he can walk all over employee rights and doesn’t have to follow the law. We intend to hold him accountable,” said lawyer Shannon Liss-Riordan.

Liss-Riordan is leading one such case against Twitter — at its core, it argues that some employees are not receiving the severance and compensation promised to them prior to Musk’s takeover.

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