Enjoy excellent picture quality, impressive audio & a host of smart features for an astonishing price – meet the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro

After making a name for itself in the smartphone and wearable market, OnePlus has taken over the world of televisions. From premium offerings to pocket-friendly options, if you are in the market to buy a TV, OnePlus has something for everyone. And this is why the brand has carved out a special place for itself. A while back, the brand launched Y-series TVs that were not just easy on the pocket but packed a host of features. And keeping the holiday season in mind, the brand took it to the next level by launching the beefed-up, fully-loaded OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro earlier this month.

The latest addition to OnePlus Y-series TVs, the all-new OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro, packs a BIG 138cm (55inch) 4K display and smart features loaded to the brim, all encased in an attractive design. The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro has a 4K UHD Display with 1 billion colours to offer an excellent visual experience. With the OnePlus’s signature bezel-less design, and full-range speakers of up to 24W output, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is an aesthetic addition to your living space that not only packs a stunning display but also ensures a well-balanced sound profile for a complete cinematic audio experience. Running on Android TV 10.0 with OxygenPlay 2.0, you can access content from notable content partners effortlessly. And when it comes to pricing, the OnePlus has decided to offer the TV 55 Y1S Pro at an attractive price point. Available on OnePlus.in, Amazon.in, Flipkart, as well as OnePlus Experience Stores and all major offline partner stores, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is available at Rs. 39,999.

Let’s take a closer look at the details and the key features of the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro:


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The premium bezel-less design
The first thing you will notice when you unbox the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is its premium design. The TV has a distinctive bezel-less design & provides an immersive experience. Crafted to perfection and styled to stand out on its own, the OnePlus smart TV comes with a strong base stand.

Smarter TV experience
Keeping the excellent display, audio and design aside, when it comes to usability, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is a smooth affair. Running on Android TV 10.0, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is a smart hub for home entertainment. Be it controlling the TV using the Google Assistant function to using your OnePlus smartphone or wearable to enjoy a smarter connected ecosystem experience, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is smart and has been designed to be an integral part of your smart home hub.

A crisp & sharp 4K UHD display with 1 billion colours
Once you place the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro in your living room and turn it on, you are greeted with a fantastic display that will wow you with its 10-bit colour depth and amazing colour accuracy in every frame with over a billion colours. Moreover, the TV has a 4K UHD display panel that is a treat to look at.

Gamma Engine with MEMC
Modern smart TVs are all about optimisations that improve your viewing experience. This is exactly what the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro does with its advanced Gamma Engine. This technology allows users to enjoy real-time image quality optimisation, which smart tunes the visuals to provide ultra-clear content with dynamic contrast and vibrant colour. In action scenes or fast-moving scenes, MEMC technology comes into play where it offers smoother and more realistic motion.


Stunning visuals with HDR decoding
Supporting every major codec, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro features an Ultra HD display that supports HDR10+, HDR10, and HLG formats for a better watching experience.

Truly cinematic sound
Powered by Dolby Audio, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro provides a cinematic sound experience. Delivering crystal clear sound clarity, the audio system lets you fully immerse yourself. With up to 24W output, the OnePlus TVs ensure you get a well-balanced sound profile for a true cinematic audio experience.

Seamless IoT connectivity
With wearables like the OnePlus Buds or the OnePlus Watch, you can control the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro. With OnePlus Buds/ Buds Pro, you can easily connect with the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro and enjoy a delightful audio experience. And just like when Buds/Buds Pro are paired with smartphones, if you remove the earphone from your ear, the content on the TV automatically pauses and resumes once the earphones are replaced.

With OnePlus Watch, you can use it to turn your OnePlus TV on and off. Moreover, if you fall asleep while watching TV, the OnePlus Watch can sense that you have fallen asleep, and the Smart Sleep Control feature comes into play and will switch off the OnePlus TV immediately. Additionally, you can use a single click to browse through content, manage the TV volume, and change other settings.

The connectivity features are amplified when you use the OnePlus Connect 2.0 app. The app allows you to use your smartphone as a TV remote control. As many as five devices can be paired at the same time. Packed with a series of smart new features, the OnePlus Connect offers truly seamless connectivity.

The OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro features a dedicated Kids Mode, which can be accessed via the OnePlus Connect 2.0 app. This feature comes in handy if you have kids at home. With the Kids Mode, you can monitor that the kids watch healthy content, and you also get to set a dedicated timer to automatically turn off the OnePlus smart TV.


Smarter curated content with OxygenPlay 2.0
When it comes to everyday usage and offering you a diverse range of international and local entertainment, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is truly a game changer. All thanks to OxygenPlay 2.0, you are now at the centre of discovering a wide range of movies and series. You get to access over 230 live channels as part of OxygenPlay 2.0, so you are up to date on the latest news and sports updates.

As mentioned earlier, the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro is available for Rs. 39,999 across OnePlus.in, Amazon.in, Flipkart and offline channels, including OnePlus Experience Stores and major offline partner stores. So make your holiday season merrier with the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro, and make sure to avail exciting offers such as no-cost-EMI on all major bank transactions for up to nine months across the sales channels. If you wish to know more about the OnePlus TV 55 Y1S Pro, click here.

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