Exclusive – Mika Singh on Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti: I don’t mind if a girl wants to get married to me for my name and fame

Mika Singh is all set to start his new journey with Television’s latest offering, Swayamvar: Mika Di Vohti. The popular singer recently spoke to ETimes TV exclusively is generally assumed to be by the Indian audiences, his take on finding love on the show and his bond with several other superstars like Kapil Sharma, Shaan and more. Mika reveals that he is okay if a girl wants to get married to him for his name and fame. During the interview, the singer stated that he wants his bride-to-be to have qualities like Shaan’s wife Radhika and Kapil Sharma’s wife Ginni.

“All the girls coming on the show, they know they are coming to be my life partner. They know who I am and that I am an established name. They will obviously come for my name, fame and there’s nothing wrong in it. Everyone wants to marry someone who is well to do and settled, even parents also look for a bride or groom who is well settled in life, nobody wants their kids to marry a struggler. Girls usually wish to marry a person who is self made and can take care of her and her family. Agar woh ye soch ke aata hai I don’t have a problem at all. It depends on me, how I want to be with them,” he said

Mika, who is known for celebrating life and his lavish parties, is ready to give up his bachelorhood. He also shared that all the celebrities who have come on the show are his family, “Yes, I know once I decide to get married, I will have to give up my bachelorhood. I am fine with it. All the people who are coming on the show are my own people. They are not coming just for the show. They are a part of my life hence they are part of my life’s decision. Daler paaji, is my brother and like a father figure to me, Shaan I’ve known for more than 20 years now, Kapil Sharma is my brother, Bhumi, Jaspinder Narula ji, Farah Khan or Raveena Tandon, I share very close bond with all these people and that’s why they are here. They are not coming here as celebrities but as my friends.”

He also reacted to the popular thought that celebrities don’t marry their partners who they meet on the show once it wraps up, “I would like to tell all the people who will be watching the show that after seeing the previous Swayamvar they must be thinking that celebrities don’t end up getting married to their partners after the show. They breakup after the show. But I would like to say that divorces and breakups are a part of life. People are getting divorced after being married for 20 years, having kids and all. So they should not doubt our shows. There are so many beautiful Jodis who part ways within 2 years of marriage as they don’t get along and sometimes I feel bad for them. In today’s time the thinking of people has changed a lot, the youth of today has become very broad minded, they want to live a happy life and they happily part ways if they don’t get along. In old times, people would be together for parent’s sake, society’s sake or sometimes they genuinely loved each other and believed in the institution of marriage. Today, people part ways amicably so it is happening in the real world,” he said.

Talking about his experience of meeting girls from parts of India and spending time with them, he said, “I am getting along with the girls. When I am on a date with them whatever you have seen in the promos all that is real. It is all organic. With all the dates, my relationship with the girls is getting stronger. I am giving a lot of importance to my bonding with the girls I am meeting and how good friends we have become. But the toughest part of the show is to eliminate people or ask them that we don’t have a future together.”

Mika also revealed that his elder brother Daler Mehendi has given him his blessings and a lot of tips as he embarks a new journey, “I have learnt a lot from Daler paaji, the first thing is that he is a great human being. His only motive in life was to be a singer and he gave up everything, a luxurious life and came to India to struggle. He has made a name of himself and I am very glad that he came up on my show. He is like a father figure to me. It was an emotional moment for me that he came on the show, he gave his blessings and also fulfilled all the rituals. He has given me his blessings and a lot of tips and has guided me to take care of a few things if I have to move ahead in life.”

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