Fancy A Sweet Paratha? Try This Punjab-Special Gud Paratha Recipe In Winter

It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer, we can never say no to a stuffed warm paratha straight out of tawa. The fact that it can be made almost every ingredient in the kitchen, makes it a versatile everyday breakfast option. From vegetables to just spices like garlic, a paratha can be made with anything – and by anything we mean even sweet foods like jaggery. Yes, gud paratha exists; in fact, it is a highly popular meal in Punjabi households during the winter season. Growing up in a typical Punjabi family, I have had gud paratha multiple times a week for breakfast, and sometimes, even as post-dinner dessert. The crispy and juicy paratha explodes sweet flavours in the mouth and fills up our heart with its warm deliciousness. Gosh, my childhood memories are rushing back just thinking about it!

Come winter and gud makes a grand entry into our winter diet. It is a form of unrefined sugar, usually derived from raw sugarcane juice. Gud sweetens up our meals and enriches our diet with a range of health-benefitting properties. Gud is known to keep the body warm to brave the winter chill, besides energising it through its sucrose content. People take to gud as a post-meal dessert in winter to digest the food eaten. But Punjabis turn it into the meal-cum-dessert of gud ka paratha and enjoy it with dollops of ghee. You can consider it another version of the popular dish – puran poli.

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Jaggery or gur can be used to make a delicious paratha for winter. Photo Credit: iStock

Gud paratha requires just a handful of ingredients but needs some precision to cook it in a way that melted gud doesn’t spill out. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it right after the first attempt. Follow the recipe we have for you and enjoy this heavenly sweet paratha in the winter season. P.S. – the kids will absolutely love it. I definitely did.

How To Make Gud Paratha I Punjabi-Style Gud Paratha Recipe:

The paratha is made by stuffing two thin rotis with crushed jaggery that melts inside when cooked on tawa. Knead dough by adding 1 tbsp ghee and 1 tsp salt to 1 cup of wheat flour. Knead with lukewarm water. Let the dough rest for 15 minutes. Then roll out two thin rotis for one paratha. Sprinkle about 1 tbsp crushed jaggery over one roti. Cover with the other roti. You have to take care to seal the ends of the roti properly to keep the melted jaggery inside and not spill out, lest it turns into a mess. You can seal with some water or maida slurry. Now cook the paratha from both the sides till crispy brown.

Try Punjab-special gud paratha recipe and surprise your family with this unique paratha for breakfast or for dessert.

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