Fathers Day 2022: 5 Indian Artisanal Chocolates To Celebrate The Day

Father’s Day is just around the corner and we are sure, your preparations are on an all-time high. Every year, Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and this year, it falls on June 19, 2022. It marks the bond between father and child, and most of us leave no stones unturned to make the day special. And as it falls on Sunday – we get the whole day to spend with our dads. We go out for meal dates, shopping, movies or just relax together at home while watching good movies and enjoying lavish meals. While each of us has our own unique plans, what remains common for all is a GIFT. Let’s agree, we all arrange for some gifts to make the fathers feel extra special.

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Considering this, we bring you an amazing gift idea that will help you start the day on a sweet and happy note. Can you guess what we are talking about? It’s a pack of hearty chocolate. That’s right. We have curated a list of some homegrown chocolates that are exotic and delicious to the core. We loved each of these chocolates; hence we suggest, you should give it a try too. Take a look.

Here Are 5 Indian Artisanal Chocolates To Celebrate Father’s Day:


A Bangalore-based luxury chocolate brand, Smoor was launched in 2015. It has multiple customized chocolates as per your preference of percentages of cacao. What we loved the most is the balanced aroma, flavour and texture of the Smoor chocolates. It comes in reusable tin, wooden and other boxes and makes a perfect gift for your doting daddy.

2.Pascati, artisan chocolate:

Pascati does dark chocolate bars with cacao sourced from Kerala. The brand has a bean-to-bar concept and works to achieve complex flavours of the delicacy. Pascati also offers fruit-based chocolate bars such as raspberry hibiscus, blueberry walnut, orange cinnamon hazelnut and more. The best part is Pascati is vegan and includes no emulsifiers or any artificial flavourings.

3.Paul and Mike:

This Indian artisan chocolate brand won the International Chocolate Award in the year 2020-2021. Paul and Mike are Kerala-based and make their chocolates with artisanal chocolate makers’ help. From growing their own cocoa beans to making a final chocolate product out of it is done by the company itself. Their chocolate palette includes a range of Indian flavours like sitaphal, jamun, thandai to more new flavours like Jamaican rum, dark peppermint and their award-winning Sichuan pepper and orange peel chocolate.


Another perfect instance of bear-to-bar chocolate, it is known for its environment-friendly chocolate making process. Even their packaging remains planet-friendly – they use reclaimed cotton and cacao shells. You get chocolates of coffee, red rose, masala chai, banana, cinnamon, jasmine and other flavours.

5.Mason & Co.:

This brand source their beans from Tamil Nadu and Kerala and has an all-female team to make their chocolates. From sorting to cocoa to packaging the chocolates, here every process is conducted by hand (with no machine usage). This is why you will get to enjoy a strong, rustic flavour with each bite of chocolate.

Get hold of one of these delicious indigenous chocolates and celebrate the day with your father in the most indulgent way possible.

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