FiiO KA2 portable DAC for Android and iPhone launched in India: Specifications, price in India

FiiO – a Chinese electronics company – has announced a new portable DAC (Digital to Analog Converter) and Amplifier for smartphones – the FiiO KA2 – in India. The FiiO KA2 is a portable USB DAC and Amplifier compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones.
The Fiio KA2 portable DAC/ Amplifier is available for purchase via the official website for Rs 5,490. It comes with one year of warranty.
The new FiiO KA2 portable DAC/ Amplifier is based on the company’s 7th generation mechanical design with two CS43131 DAC chips, a balanced architecture and a 4.4mm audio interface. The new portable DAC is completely made of metal and weighs 12.3 grams. It comes in a black and gold colourway. Furthermore, it can be connected through USB-C or a lighting port.
The new DAC/ Amplifier from FiiO can be used to fine-tune the sound output with the FiiO control app, available both on Android and iOS. Users can fine-tune their experience using the five digital filters, and a ring-shaped RGB LED indicator, indicating different audio bitrates with different colours.
The FiiO KA2’s dual DAC architecture helps achieve high SNR (Signal to Noise Ratio) and ultra-low distortion output. It uses DSD256 and lossless PCM audio in 32-bit/385kHz resolution, delivering crisp and clear audio output. The KA2 DAC/ Amplifier also supports hi-res audio playback. The FiiO KA2 is compatible with a variety of devices such as Windows PCs and Macs.
It comes in two different variants – a USB-C and Lighting connector. With USB-C, you connect it to your Android smartphone or Windows or macOS PC. At the same time, the Lighting connector allows you to connect the DAC to your iPhone.


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