“Food You Flat Out Refuse To Eat”: Former NBA Star’s List Divides Twitter 

Growing up, everyone has drastic opinions about food, right? We would take a bite of a meal and declare it to be worth eating again and again, or we would sniff something on our plate and term it as non-edible slop. There are always one too many food items people hate eating. While our dislike was restricted to karela (bitter gourd) and tinda (apple gourd), a Twitter thread has produced quite an exhaustive list of much hated food items. Replying to a post, which asked: “Name a food you flat out refuse to eat,” former basketball star Rex Chapman straightaway said it was “meatloaf.” In a follow-up tweet, he even narrated his first encounter – at the age of 5 – with meatloaf. 

“Mom served meatloaf to us when I was about 5. Watched my mom make it. When she put it on the table I said “I don’t like it.”  dad said, “You’re gonna eat a bite. At least.” I did. One bite. Puked on the table. They still had meatloaf night once a week. I had canned ravioli,” he wrote. 

The fact that Rex Chapman has a dislike for meatloaf didn’t go down well among his followers. Many opined that Chapman isn’t “eating the right meatloaf”, while others suggested no one in his family knows how to cook it. 

A user said, “If you don’t like meatloaf, you’re not eating the right meatloaf.”

“I’m sorry no one in your family knew how to make it appetizing. But are you okay with the different foods on your plate touching,” another wrote. 

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“Reported! Meatloaf is delicious, leftover meatloaf sancwiches are so good,” a tweet read on the microblogging site. 

Meanwhile, one of the users said, “I think Italian meatloaf is much different than “American”! Loved my mom’s meatloaf.”

Some people even suggested  “smoked meatloaf” in order to make him change his opinion. 

However, meatloaf was not all alone in Rex Chapman’s list of food he refuses to eat. It was accompanied by a bunch of other items as well including bologna sausage, mushrooms, foie gras, rye bread, horseradish, eggplant, and carrots.  

“And if you try to give me pumpernickel bread we’re probably fighting,” he said in another tweet. 

Are there food items that you still refuse to eat? Why don’t you let us know in the comments. 

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