Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch Sees Minimal Impact From WGA Strike – Deadline

Fox CEO Lachlan Murdoch says Fox Corp. is in a good place despite the ongoing WGA strike given its mix of programming.

On a call with financial analysts this morning after the company’s latest quarterly earnings, he said: “On the writers’ strike, I think for us we are well positioned, and we think that with our strategic priorities and strategy in sports, but also in news, these are two areas that are not effected by the writers’ strike and the audience wil pivot when watchig television to those categories.”

He noted that the Fox Network only programs two hours of entertainment a night that’s a mixture of both scripted and unscripted content, “so we feel very well positioned there not to be effected by the writers’ strike really at all.” There will be “some scheduling changes with some of the scripted content, but not something that will have a significant financial impact on us.”

As the upfront presentations loom next week, Murdoch said the same content mix will help there as well.

“I think for us our focus on live news, live sprots and frankly the network a healthy balance of scripted and unscripted puts us in a tremendous position. I think the timing of the strike, obviously, with the upfronts next week, creates some hesitancy. It’s hard to present an exact schedule if you are only in entertainment. It’s not if you are in news and sports. So I think it positions us very well in the upfront.”

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