Harry Potter’s Miriam Margolyes Swears Live On BBC – Deadline

Miriam Margolyes attended the BBC News studios on Saturday morning to pay moving tribute to her longtime friend and sometime co-star Robbie Coltrane, but listeners stopped in their tracks when she spontaneously let rip on another subject. 

Margolyes played Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films alongside Coltrane who starred as Hagrid, and had previously starred with him in TV comedy shows. She described the Scottish actor as “a very fine actor, and a delightful man – huge in stature, in personality, in heart. He was exceptional.” She called him “unique and irreplaceable.”

However, as she finished her interview. Margolyes mentioned she had passed in the corridor outside Jeremy Hunt – since yesterday, the brand new Chancellor of the Exchequer with the not unchallenging job of sorting out the UK’s finances. 

Margolyes, a well-known left-wing critic of the Tory government, started well, reporting that she had told Hunt, “When I saw him there, I just said, ‘You have a hell of a job. The best of luck.’”

But then, she added, “What I wanted to say was, ‘F*** you!’ – before immediately agreeing with the presenters, “You can’t say that.”

While the BBC staff were quick to apologise, listeners were quick to applaud on social media, with many agreeing it would have been exactly what Coltrane would have wished.

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