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“It’s felt like the abuse that I was in has just not ended,” said Grace Jabbari today in court of the personal aftermath of Jonathan Majors’ arrest on domestic abuse charges against her back in March.

The British National continued her testimony in Majors’ trial of what occurred on March 25 in New York City with her then boyfriend and how fraught the relationship with the Creed III star had been beforehand.

Under questioning from Manhattan District Attorney’s office and later from the defense, Jabbari may have had to pause on occasion because she became so upset over questions about another ex’s suicide and more. Yet, at the same time, the self-described “professional dancer” who dated Majors for almost two years was steely adamant about who put hands on who and why eight months ago.

“He knows what he’s done,” Jabbari told Judge Michael Gaffey and the jury of three men and three women Wednesday of Majors. “He’s cheated on me, he’s attacked me,” she bluntly added, with the Loki actor sitting just a few feet away. “I learned not to fight back,” Jabbari said to defense lawyer Priya Chaudhry as the attorney tried to establish that her client didn’t hurt the witness that spring night in the back of a car because she wasn’t screaming or lashing back.

Having plead innocent months ago to assault and harassment charges, Majors could get up to a year behind bars if found guilty. While it is rare that a misdemeanor case like this isn’t dealt with by a plea deal, the fallout that the acclaimed actor has had since the March incident with Jabbari may be in part why Majors has taken this to trial.

Amidst whispers of other similar occurrences to what allegedly happened with Jabbari, the actor was unceremoniously dumped by both management company Entertainment 360 and publicist The Lede Company in April. Previously announced roles for the Emmy-nominated star of Max’s Lovecraft Country dried up, and ad campaigns for the U.S. Army and the eventual World Series champion Texas Rangers yanked off the air. In perhaps the harshest consequence so far, Disney in October removed Sundance fave Magazine Dreams, with Majors in a starring body sculpting performance that was once making a lot of Oscar noise, from its release schedule.

Despite mention of past incidents of a “cruel and manipulative pattern of abuse” by Majors to quote the opening statement by Assistant District Attorney Michael Perez earlier this week, the jury will not hear evidence of prior indicative occasions here or in the UK. Following a defense motion, Judge Gaffey ruled that material he termed “prejudicial and inflammatory” toward Majors would be kept under wraps and sealed.

in the UK and here in the US, defense says Jabbari was actually the violent one that spring night after flying into a so-called jealous rage over suggestive texts from another woman on the actor’s phone.

Today Jabbari admitted she was reluctant to tell first responders what had happened between her and Majors when the police showed up at the actor’s Chelsea apartment hours later in response to a 911 call -a call made by Majors. “I think things he had told me in the past of not trusting police, and what they would do to him, as a Black man, and I didn’t want to put him in that situation,” the witness stated.

“Being a woman, half-naked, and surrounded by strange men, was not the nicest feeling I’ve ever experienced in my life,” she added of waking up in a walk-in closet in Majors’ pad to a huddle of officers

Only in the hospital later, with a busted finger, bruising, swelling and a self cleaned laceration behind her ear, did Jabbari open up about “a situation with my boyfriend …had hurt me, and that I hadn’t done anything to myself.”

“I’m a very private person…I like to keep quiet,” Jabbari admitted at one point of her reaction to the high-profile case and the initial inquiries from the authorities.

Mentioning text messages between Majors and Jabbari in the hours and days following the incident, security-camera footage, and some nightclubbing by the allegedly victim, Chaudhry Wednesday once again picked up on the defense’s premise that their client was actually the victim here, from his then girlfriend, who may or may not have had a drinking problem, and prosecutors.

The cross-examination today by Chaudhry found things get very tense in the lower Manhattan court room. While outlining Majors upbringing, faith, education and career, the attorney found herself countered by Judge Gaffey via objections to her questioning of Jabbari and the inferences in said questioning.

More testimony from Jabbari is expected Thursday with the trial, which saw opening statements on Dec. 4, set to last about two weeks in total, Judge Gaffey made a point today of reminding Majors of the Order of Protection he granted in April, and that the actor is to have zero contact with Jabbari.

“Yes, your honor,” Majors, who was once again joined today in court by Harlem actress Meagan Good, replied. No word yet if Majors will testify in his own defense in this trial.

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