‘Hero’ Dog Awarded For Saving Life Of Man Who Suffered Heart Attack In Japan

the dog was handed a letter of appreciation. (Representational Pic)

A dog in Japan saved the life of a man who was having a heart attack by barking continuously. The ‘hero’ dog has been awarded a certificate for its action, reported CNN. Koume, a 5-year-old Mongrel, was handed an official letter of appreciation by local fire officials at a special ceremony last month, the outlet further said. The incident took place at a horse riding club in Wakaba-ku, in Chiba city, on February 25 and Koume intervened at the right time to save the man’s life.

According to the horse riding club, the man who collapsed was in his fifties.

The dog’s incessant barking alerted people and staff of the park, who rushed to check what had happened.

“Koume is usually quiet and barks only under rare circumstances. But when an emergency arises, Koume does bark,” Yuna Maruo, a 23-year-old riding instructor, was quoted as saying by CNN.

Maruo was one of those who took part in saving the man that day.

The official also said that Koume has previously drawn attention to a horse trying to flee the facility by jumping a fence and when another old horse was having difficulties standing on its own.

The fire department too appreciated what the mongrel did.

“Koume’s action in calling for help and the staff’s actions were a perfect response,” a fire department official was quoted as saying by the outlet.

The staff members of the park and people who gathered there called an ambulance and paramedics and the timely action saved the man’s life.

He has since returned to riding at the club.

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