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Healthy travel: When you travel, especially if you’re on a holiday, it’s simple to let smart practices of a healthier lifestyle slide. However, it is feasible to enjoy yourself, explore the local cuisine, and get some exercise without sacrificing oneself the joys of a proper vacation. “A life well-travelled is a life well lived.” Now that 2022 is coming to an end, it’s time for the holiday travel season where some people will be travelling for fun, some for business, and some to escape the monotony of life.

In order to solve this problem, celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar talks about the top five tips for travelling in good health in her Audible audiobook titled “Eating in the Age of Dieting,”. Let’s dive into these secrets here.

1. Walk your way through

Take the stairs instead of the elevators and escalators, encourages Rujuta. She continues, “Not only will you attract some jealous looks, but your legs will appreciate it later. Long periods of sitting are terrible for the legs, whether they are done in business, economy, or premium economy when taking a flight.

2. Hydrate enough

The last thing you want to do is something that further dehydrates you after a flight. So, in addition to alcohol, avoid colas and bottled juices as well. “Drink up—but not the booze” suggests Rujuta. 

3. A meal before you fly

No matter if you are travelling home or abroad, eat a healthy lunch before boarding the plane. Protect your gut! “Pick up a yoghurt, kefir, or home-set curd to rejuvenate the gut ecosystem before you take a cab or train from the airport unless the pressurised cabins or the stress of travel get to it”, advises Rujuta Diwekar. 

This will provide you with mental peace and physical strength to make your way to the hotel or home after the journey because it is a natural source of vitamin B12.

4. Take a break

Eat light when you reach your destination, suggests Rujuta. When you get to your destination, eat, but keep your stomach and intestines in mind. You will feel light and easily digestible foods like fresh fruit, vegetables cooked with the right amount of spices, and grains like rice and millet. Additionally, Rujuta Diwekar advises in her audiobook on Audible to “go slow—especially with the speed with which you chew down your food” after a wild night out while on vacation.” 

Your digestion will take longer to process because you are dehydrated. The best strategy to avoid digestive issues is to eat less than normal but take twice as long to do it. It takes time to learn to eat slow, but there’s a flat stomach, smooth motions and glowing face at the end of it.”

5. Step into a hot shower

Hot water baths are a desi remedy for the tired traveller. Not everyone can meditate, but everyone can enjoy a bucket bath with hot water and crystals of salt. According to Ayurveda, salt is a part of the earth’s element and can provide one with a sense of stability. 

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