Hugh Jackman Teases Wolverine & Deadpool “Hate Each Other” In New Film – Deadline

Hugh Jackman is teasing Deadpool 3 by spilling some tea about the relationship the superheroes will have at the beginning of the new movie he’s filming with costar Ryan Reynolds.

In a recent interview, Jackman was asked to categorize the status of the relationship between the two superheroes.

“How do I categorize it? Ten being really close, zero being the reality, we’re zero, we’re opposites, hate each other,” he said on The Empire Film Podcast (via ComicBook). “I’m just talking from my perspective, [Logan’s] frustrated by him, wants to be a million miles away from him or wants to punch him in the head. Unfortunately, he can’t be a million miles away from him in this movie, so I’m probably going to punch him in the head a lot.”

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Jackman recently talked about how they were able to bring back Wolverine, and now integrate him into the MCU, assuring fans that Deadpool 3 wouldn’t mess with the Logan timeline.

“All because of this device they have in the Marvel world of moving around timelines, now we can go back because, you know, it’s science, so I don’t have to screw with the Logan timeline, which was important to me. And I think probably to the fans too,” Jackman said on The Jess Cagle Show.

Jackman’s return as Wolverine was announced during D23, Disney’s fan convention. Deadpool 3 is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2024.

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