“If You Mess With Dada…”

Last year too, Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar had received a threat. File


Mumbai Mayor Kishori Pednekar has received a death threat and is set to file a police complaint.

Last year too, Ms Pednekar, a Shiv Sena leader, had received a threat.

The Mayor has received a letter written in Marathi in which foul language has been used. The letter warns that if she messes with “Dada”, there will be repercussions.

Officers from the Byculla police station in Mumbai have reached the Mayor’s residence and have already launched an investigation into the matter.

Earlier this year, Ms Pednekar had received a threat over the phone. The caller told her that he was calling from Jamnagar in Gujarat and threatened to kill her, she had told police.

The police had later arrested the accused from Gujarat.

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