Indian Businessman Ships Range Rover From Kerala To Dubai, Parks It Near Burj Khalifa

A user added, “Edappal To Dubai.”

A businessman from India, Dileep Heilbronn, recently shipped his Range Rover from Kerala to Dubai and parked it outside Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. He shared a clip of the same and it has instantly become viral on social media.

Mr Heilbronn took to Instagram to share a video of the same. In the clip, he can be seen showing off his black luxury car and then he pans the camera to Burj Khalifa. Notably, the car has a Kerala number plate. “A long journey from home. Our old Range Rover from Kerala is visiting us, and we are busy showing her around. Since 2011, she has been part of our family, ” he wrote in the caption of the post.

In another post, the car collector stated that the car was “born” in 2011 and then was in India for 13 years. “She was born in England in 2011 and lived in Kerala, India, for 13 years. Currently, she is having a great time in Dubai, UAE. Take care of your car, and it will take care of you,” Mr Heilbronn added.

The Instagram user is a “property developer, car collector, golfer, and traveller” who uses Instagram to “inspire youngsters,” according to his profile.

The Instagram reel was shared on April 30 and since then it has five lakh views and 25,000 likes on social media.

“Kids are taking UAE reg cars to Kerala. You’re a legend for bringing a KL reg car to UAE,” said a user.

Another added, “Edappal To Dubai”

“Omg now this is true love u have real big heart,” remarked a third user.

“As a true enthusiasist absolutely I salute u sir for the rarest and unique deviation from the world travellors and bloggers for bringing him to the land of golden sands…” said another.

A fifther user wrote, “From Gods Own Country to Dreams own Country”

“Wowwwwww. I’m bringing my oldies here now. You inspire me hahahaah,” read another comment.

“Wonder to see kL registered car plate on dubai roads,” stated a person.

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