Ingo Rademacher Says He’s Had Mental Health Struggles Since leaving GH – Deadline

Ingo Rademacher told his followers on Instagram that he faced “some mental health struggles” after “being ousted” from General Hospital “for my political views.”

In an Instagram post that features a picture of Rademacher in an ice bath, the former soap actor said he really “identified as my character on General Hospital for decades and I could’ve been there and would’ve been there for many more decades to come.” Rachemacher played Jasper “Jax” Jacks on General Hospital since 1996.

That all changed in 2021 when Rademacher – a vocal critic of COVID-19 vaccine efficacy and mandates – refused to get the mandatory injection and was dropped from the ABC drama as a result. Shortly thereafter, the actor slammed the Disney-owned network with a wide-ranging civil rights lawsuit on constitutional grounds. At the time, Disney had one of the strictest vaccine mandates of any Hollywood studio and most major corporations.

The lawsuit was resolved in June when a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge agreed with ABC in that the actor’s opposition to the vaccine was based on health reasons rather than his religious leanings.

Rademacher told his followers that he’s appealing.

“I’m a lot better now but the first year was rough,” Rademacher wrote on IG.

Read his entire statement below.

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