Interface TV Series Turned Into Australian Podcast By Red Empire – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Australian indie Red Empire has launched a podcast version of its upcoming sci-fi TV series Interface.

Interface: The Creator’s Champion follows Wyatt, a tech genius abducted and coerced into competing in the illicit Circuit Games for a clandestine team led by the fierce and beautiful Frey alongside Jasper, a man dangerously trained in military combat who struggles with PTSD.

Charles Jazz Terrier, who created Red Empire’s Melbourne fitness comedy WTFitness, narrates alongside Ellie Popov, both of whom are starring in the upcoming Interface TV series. SoundVision GC and Organic Media Group are co-producers with Red Empire.

The Australian-Taiwanese TV version of Interface was set to shoot around three years ago before Covid-19 struck and has been greenlit with the support of partnering Australian anchor platform, Nine Network. David Ellender’s Sonar Entertainment was initially distributing worldwide.

Red Empire boss Amie Casey said the producer had taking an “innovative move” to diversify the IP into the three-part podcast series. EP Steve Chicorel said this diversification has “opened exciting doors for the TV series format.”

Deadline revealed late last year that Australian Emmy winner Craig Anderson was showrunning Red Empire’s WTFitness.

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