Iowa TV News Anchor Reveals Breast Cancer Treatments After Covering Mammogram Issue – Deadline

Today in Iowa anchor Calyn Thompson from NBC affiliate WHO 13 News told viewers on Wednesday that she is undergoing treatments for breast cancer.

“Six months ago, I did an interview during breast cancer awareness month reminding you to stay up to date on your mammograms. Little did I know that interview would foreshadow the beginning of my own journey,” said Thompson.

“Each day you welcome us into your homes so we can share the stories of others. Rarely are we the ones the story is about, but I wanted to share something personal with you that’s taking place in my life. This past November, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.”

Thompson said her medical team said the condition is “treatable and curable.”

“I have completed six chemotherapy treatments, and it feels so good to have that hurdle behind me.”

The shock of discovering her illness after just covering the subject was hard for her, she said.

“It was a shock when I found out I had breast cancer. And it honestly took me several weeks to process. I asked a lot of ‘whys?’ and have found maybe using my platform here at WHO 13 News to share my story is ‘my why.’ If I can help even one person, it will be worth it.”

Thompson was diagnosed two weeks after turning 28-years-old, and told viewers not to dismiss mammograms even if young.

She now faces surgery at the end of the month, followed by several weeks of recovery.

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