John Oliver Theorizes That ‘Sex & The City’s Mr. Big Was A Trump Supporter; Raises Concern Over Sky TV Censorship – Deadline

John Oliver returned to mock the week in politics and pop culture for a new episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO and HBO Max. In a night focused on the British monarchy, the late-night show host veered off into suggesting that Mr. Big from Sex & the City was a Trump supporter.

The bit was preceded by two British women saying that they care about the Queen dying but at the same time they didn’t.

“I care because it’s our Queen,” she clarified then added that she doesn’t care because “She ain’t done nothing for us.”

Oliver then said he had a similar reaction to when Big died on the Peloton bike in the first season of And Just Like That, the follow-up series to Sex & the City.

“I don’t care because Big was pompous, good for nothing and, let’s be honest, voted for Trump but I do care a little because I know that Carrie really cares. Look at her, there in his last moments, devastated, doing absolutely nothing,” he said.

Moments later, Oliver said that SKY TV in the U.K. had cut a couple of his “fairly benign jokes” about the Queen the week that she died. Since he was talking about the monarchy again he fret that the broadcaster would edit his show again and prepared an alternate version “with a 25-minute loop” of a “video of Winston Churchill going backwards down a water slide set to the Benny Hill theme.”

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver airs Sunday nights at 11 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.

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