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Karwa Chauth 2022 gifts: Married women, especially in northern and western India, are all set to fast and pray for the long life of their husbands and a happy married life, this Karwa Chauth, which falls on October 13. Karwa Chauth falls in the Krishna Paksha on the fourth day of the Kartik month known as “Chaturthi ”. Hence, it is celebrated with a deep sense of spiritualism.  Abhishek Aggarwal, Astrologer of All India Institute of Occult Science, says, “This Karva Chauth, Moon will be in Taurus, which is the sign of its exaltation. Mercury will remain in Virgo in its own exalted sign, and Jupiter will be placed in Pisces, which is the friendly sign. Saturn will remain in its own sign of Capricorn, and Ketu will be observed in the auspicious form in the transit lagna. Not only this but Mahalaxmi yog will be formed in the sign of Taurus in conjunction with respect to Mars and Moon. This is a good time to fulfil your desires and wishes, which will definitely bring an ample amount of prosperity, happiness, wealth and loads of good health.”  

Choosing the ideal gift for your partner is important for Karwa Chauth. Here are some tips for husbands to buy that perfect gift for your wives, based on their sun sign.    

Aries – If your wife belongs to Aries, you should give her something in red colour (a good dress would do here) or something in gold.

Taurus – If she is a Taurean, diamonds are her best friends! Other things that can be given include perfumes, attar, branded clothes, makeup essentials.

Gemini – If she is a Gemini, gift her something in green, including green sweets!

Cancer – Treat her with silver, silver jewellery, pearl necklace –  more white and things in ivory tones are ideal for Cancerians.

Leo – Gift her things which are royal, regal and antique. Arts and music are one genre you can explore, reds and yellows are the shade you can play around.

Virgo – Green is the colour to gift Virgos, it can be anything like green bangles or fresh potted plants. 

Libra – Glittery things, rose quartz, and a bunch of fresh roses will be apt for Librans. Play around shades of pink, red and burgundy.

Scorpio –  Gifts which are in reddish and yellowish tones, occult/astrological books are good for Scorpios.

Sagittarius – Shades of yellow will do miracles; spiritual music, and a trip to some religious area can also be ideal gifts.

Capricorn – Avoid gifts in black here; replace them with wine and maroon colours.

Aquarius – Shades of blue, a bunch of orchids, blueberry cheesecake, blue diary for notes!

Pisces – Give her a gift which has shades of golden, yellow or lemon.

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