‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ Likens Abysmal Response To Del Rio Scandal To ‘Jeopardy!’ Hiring Controversy – Deadline

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver dragged Jeopardy! once again in the HBO series’ first episode back since Sept. 12.

Oliver likened the abysmal response to the Del Rio immigration scandal that saw border patrol agents in Texas riding on horseback whipping Haitians seeking asylum last week to the controversial hiring and firing of Mike Richards on the popular game show series.

“This administration’s record on immigration particularly on the southern border has been deeply underwhelming,” he said. “And this week, they’ve been all over the map. While many Haitians were released into the U.S., we also sent thousands back to a nation that’s recently suffered an earthquake and a presidential assassination with no clear rationale for how those decisions were made.”

‘Jeopardy!’: Mayim Bialik & Ken Jennings To Host Syndicated Game Show Through End Of 2021

He added, “And it’s not great when our process for deciding who gets released and who gets expelled is as haphazard as the process in finding the new host of Jeopardy!. And, by the way, great job so far, guys. You dodged giving that dude the job permanently and now we’ve got somebody absolutely free of controversy, Mayim Bialik. A person I think is great cos I don’t have Google.”

The British chat show host is referring to the criticism Bialik—who is serving as Jeopardy‘s temporary host on the syndicated show alongside Ken Jennings— has received in the past for her stance against vaccines (in her 2012 book Beyond The Sling) and for her criticism of the women who accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual assault (in a 2017 NY Times Op-Ed). In her book, she said her young children had not been vaccinated but later revealed in 2020 that they since had received their vaccines in a YouTube video addressing her previous comments.

Bialik said she didn’t regret what she wrote in her book in a recent ABC News interview where she revealed both she and her family have all been vaccinated against Covid-19.

Last Week Tonight With John Oliver airs Sunday night’s on HBO and HBO Max.

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