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Lawyer Drives Mercedes SUV Into Delhi Kachori Joint, 6 Injured

Lawyer Drives Mercedes SUV Into Delhi Kachori Joint, 6 Injured


The accident took place around 3 pm on Sunday

New Delhi:

A weekend treat at Fateh Kachori in Delhi’s Kashmiri Gate area turned into a nightmare for dozens when a speeding Mercedes SUV drove into the popular food joint, leaving six people injured.

A CCTV camera inside the eatery has captured the shocking incident that took place around 3 pm on Sunday. The footage shows business as usual for a few seconds. Then, all the customers are seen looking in one direction, alarmed. Before they can react or move out of the way, the SUV enters the shop, throwing tables and people all around, and hits a wall.

As the shock subsides and the SUV reverses from the wall, people start looking for their family members. At the centre of the frame is a middle-aged man who came to the joint with his wife. The CCTV footage captures his helplessness as he fails to spot his partner. At one point, he kneels and starts looking under the car.

And then, to his relief, his wife appears from behind. As he holds her hand, she is seen gesturing that she is okay. Moments later, the two are seen with their arms around each other, thanking their stars for the narrow escape.

Another man, who was right in front of the car’s bonnet, appears to have suffered a serious injury on his leg. He manages to get back on his feet somehow before others step in to help him out of the shop.

According to police, the car was being driven by a 36-year-old lawyer. Parag Maini, a resident of Noida, was found on the spot when police reached there. He has been arrested in a case of rash driving and the SUV seized. Police have said that preliminary medical examination of the driver had found that he was not drunk, but his blood samples have been collected for further analysis. Maini’s wife was also in the car when the accident took place.

The injured have been admitted to a nearby hospital and further probe is on, police said. 



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