Lifelong learning is an enriching journey that you must embrace!

Despite personal upheavals, teachers have remained steadfast in their jobs as educators and mentors to ensure that their students’ learning never ceases. Today’s lifelong learners are lucky to live in this day and age where several types of on-demand services are becoming available across various areas of life! The key is never to give up the zest for learning, to see yourself as a work in progress, and to continually keep that spark for learning alive! Teachers too should never stop pushing themselves to learn new things and constantly adapt and evolve, right up until the day they retire (and beyond!).
BYJU’S, India’s leading Ed-tech company, marked Teachers’ Day by paying tribute to teachers and celebrating the learning journey that they have embarked on. We’ve had some principals tell us how they have embarked on the true milestone of being a lifelong learner, what is one of their favorite ways to continue learning in this profession and how has learning changed over the course of their life and career. Read on.
“In the current times, a teacher has become a facilitator or mentor as students put on greater responsibility for their own learning, using technology to garner relevant information. Schools across the country are beginning to revamp learning spaces to enable this new model of education, foster more interaction and use technology as an enabler. With the worldwide reach of the Internet and the ubiquity of smart devices that can connect to it, a new age of anytime anywhere education is dawning, and teachers have no choice but to adapt to the changing scenario and create instructional materials enabling new ways for people to learn and work together.”
Fr. Sibi Joseph, Principal, St. Paul Hr. Sec. School, Indore

“The renowned Irish littérateur William Butler Yeats once remarked – “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” This simple message signifies the extreme difficulty of a teacher’s work, as they carry out one of the most important functions for our society, i.e., shaping the minds of our youth, which in turn, shapes the collective conscience and ambition of our future society. In order to do so, we must focus on the problems each student faces as an individual and learn from their experiences concomitantly. We need to be open to the novel technologies that can greatly facilitate our objective of imparting knowledge and good values to our students. Doing so will help our nation become the ‘Vishwaguru’ it deserves to be.”
Mrs. Archana Shrivastava, Director, Pragati Vidya Peeth


“The aspiring journey of a teacher never comes across crossroads. She is the one who shows the way to others when they are at life’s crossroads. When you are lost, the teacher will appear, when you are ready to be led, the guide will come to your side, when you are ready to cross the flood, the bridge will appear. As Khalil Gibran rightly said, “An astronomer may describe to you his understanding of space, but he cannot give you his understanding. And even as each one of you stands alone in God’s knowledge, so must each one of you be alone in his knowledge of God and in his understanding of the earth.”
Mrs. Nishi Misra, Principal, Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya


“Changes are inevitable and increased technological advancements rule the 21st century. Paradigm shifts are certain to change the teaching-learning process. The curriculum and the infrastructure of the classroom have changed with time. So the main stakeholder- the committed teacher has to keep pace with the techno world. Being creative and innovative will empower the technical skills to transform the learning environment to be appropriate and meaningful. Technology enables teachers to enhance their capabilities. A teaching career is a continuous process of learning, updating themselves to face the challenges of indispensable change. A teacher has to be a good learner to pursue diligently the use of digital tools, cloud technology to enhance student’s engagement and achievements. Teacher has to explore new learning opportunities to be better equipped with the changing technology as the Nation builder cannot be left behind in this race.”
Mrs. Nalini Pal, Columbia Convent, Indore


“If education revolves around the development of the human mind, then the teacher who is expected to be most active in facilitating the process, in delivering this education, must upgrade himself in the first place in all the emerging technologies and ideas which may be conducive to education. The world of technology is a fast-changing one and technological gadgets attract students more than the traditional classroom does. A teacher today must innovate ways to adapt to these changed circumstances and design to deliver the essence of education through technological ends.”
Mrs. Ushakiran Tomar, Principal, Advanced Academy, Indore


Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of BYJU’S by Mediawire team.

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