Lock Upp Day 69 written updates: Saisha Shinde alleges ‘Payal Rohatgi plays victim card’, Prince Narula calls her aggressive | Television News

NEW DELHI: Payal Rohatgi, Anjali Arora and Azma Fallah attack Shivam Sharma for putting protein powder on them while they were asleep. Payal finds out that a yoga mat, that was offered to her by Saisha, has been damaged. Shivam says that he did not do it. Housemates then attack Azma for destroying the yoga mat. 

Azma then destroys Shivam’s mattress as she pours water and her make-up. 

As housemates question Azma for tearing Saisha’s yoga mat, Payal tells Prince that this is the reason why she did not want Azma in the game. Munawar raises Payal’s statement with Saisha and Payal then loses her cool and asks Munawar to ‘shut-up’.

Payal attacks Munawar by calling him ‘psycho’ and says ‘Jaa Ke Apne Aap Ko Thappad Maar’. 

Saisha then reveals that the yoga mat belonged to her sister, who is no longer there. Azma says that someone told her that it was her grandmom’s. Anjali then questions Azma if she is agreeing that she damaged her yoga mat.

Azma says that Anjali threw her lingerie and clothes in the ‘Lock Upp’. 

Meanwhile, Azma gets into a verbal spat with Anjali and Saisha. Meanwhile, Anjali accuses Munawar of always siding with Azma and supporting her unnecessarily. 

Saisha locks Azma in the bathroom and asks everyone not to unlock her. However, Shivam unlocks the bathroom door and Saisha lashes out at her saying, “She is afraid of darkness”. 

Anjali locks Munawar in a friendly gesture. 

Later, Azma clarifies things with Saisha and says she destroyed the yoga mat thinking that it belonged to Payal. 

Jailor gives housemates a task by guessing the name of housemates on social media posts. 

Finally, housemates leaves notes for their fans for showering them with all the love and support they have been receiving through out. 

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