Lunar eclipse November 2022 India: Date, time, list of cities you can see and live stream

A partial Chandra Grahan 2022 will be seen in India on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, at 2:39 pm. There will also be a full eclipse that will be seen around 3:46 pm. The maximum lunar eclipse will appear at 4:29 pm. Also called Blood Moon, in this celestial phenomenon, the moon passes into the darkest part of the Earth’s shadow and appears red.
What time will the lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2022 end in India
The full lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan 2022 will end at 5:11 pm, while the partial lunar eclipse 2022 will be visible till 6:19 pm. The lunar eclipse can be seen from the moonrise time in all parts of India. However, the initial phases of both the partial and full lunar eclipse will be visible only in certain regions of the country. This is because both these events start when the moon is below the horizon everywhere in India.

Reports claim that the next full lunar eclipse in India will appear on September 7, 2025, this means after a wait of almost three years. However, a partial eclipse may occur in 2023. “On November 8, 2022, the Moon will pass into Earth’s shadow and turn red. This will be the last total lunar eclipse for about 3 years, so be sure to check it out if it’s visible in your area,” tweeted NasaMoon.

Do I need anything specific to see Lunar eclipse
No, there is no special gear or precaution required to see the Lunar eclipse. You can see it with naked eyes without any danger. However, for better view binoculars, and telescopes may help. Also, if you want to take some photographs, then try moving to an area away from bright lights. As this will not only improve visibility, but also shots.
Chandra Grahan 2022: End Date and Time in India
As mentioned above, the full lunar eclipse (Chandra Grahan) 2022 will end at 5:11 pm, while the partial lunar eclipse 2022 will end at 6:19 pm. It will be visible earliest in Agartala, Tripura; and last in Mumbai at 6.03 pm. Following is the list and timing of Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse) 2022 that will be visible in different cities across India.
Agartala: 4:29 pm
Kohima: 4:29 pm
Guwahati: 4:29 pm
Srinagar: 5:31 pm
Kolkata: 4:54 pm
Nagpur: 5:32 pm
Bengaluru: 5:57 pm
New Delhi: 5:31 pm
Mumbai: 6:03 pm

How to watch Lunar Eclipse online: Live stream
You can watch the live stream of the Lunar Eclipse on the following YouTube channel. “If the skies are clear, this Blood Moon eclipse of the Beaver or Frost Moon will be visible for residents of Asia, Australia, North America, parts of northern and eastern Europe, and most of South America,” says the video description.

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